FREE 2-month AKASH Standard Subscription in New AKASH Connection!

bKash users can now avail a special offer when purchasing new AKASH connections through the bKash app. Get 2 months of free AKASH Standard subscription with the AKASH Basic connection. Elevate your entertainment experience seamlessly with bKash and AKASH.

Campaign Timeline: 20 August - 20 November 2023

Offers Details:


1 Akash Basic Connection + 3 Months Standard Subscription @ BDT 4,899

Regular Price

Akash Basic Connection price BDT 4,499+ 3 Months Standard Subscription fee BDT 1,200 = BDT 5,699

Offer Price

BDT 4,899 (Customer needs to pay BDT 5,048 upfront and get cashback BDT 149 in bKash wallet)

Total Discount

BDT 800 (2 Months Standard Subscription Free)


Terms & Conditions:

  • Customer needs to purchase a specific combo product (Connection and Subscription) from bKash app only.
  • Customers can avail the offer for unlimited time throughout the campaign period.
  • Customer needs to pay BDT 5,048 and will get BDT 149 cashback in bKash wallet.
  • AKASH and bKash reserve all rights to change, extend and cancel the offer at any time.



Q1: Who can avail the offer?

A: bKash users can avail the offer.


Q2: From where can I avail this offer? (AKASH website/My AKASH App/Self care/ Other websites/ Other apps?)  

A: Only from bKash app.


Q3: What is the benefit amount? And how will customers get it?

A: Total benefit BDT 800. Customer can enjoy 2 months free AKASH subscription.


Q4 customer get this offer with EMI?     

A: No


Q5: Applicable for any connection purchase?

A: No. Customer need to purchase a specific combo product (Connection and Subscription).


Q6: How many connections can a customer purchase?

A: Customer can avail the offer for unlimited time within the campaign period.