AKASH Multi-TV Connection

Anywhere, if you have multiple TV connections, AKASH Multi TV Connection Package is undoubtedly the best TV viewing solution for you!

Now all family members can enjoy their favorite TV programs in their own room. With AKASH Multi TV Connection you’ll able to save significant amount of money both on connection and monthly subscription. Subscribers will be able to save up to 25% on the total monthly subscription of 3 connections. 

Cost Savings on Multi TV Connection of AKASH Regular Set Top Box:

Number of Connections 

Setup Price

Monthly Subscription Fee

1st  Connection

TK 4,499

TK 399

2nd Connection

TK 2,999

* TK 300

3rd Connection

TK 2,999

** TK 200


*Terms & Conditions:

To avail AKASH Multi TV Connection, all TV sets must be available under same apartment/premise

In order to enjoy uninterrupted TV viewing on AKASH DTH connection, total cumulative monthly subscription balance value  for all the connections must be available in the primary AKASH account
The existing subscribers who already have multiple AKASH connections at their home can migrate to ‘Multi Connection Package’ through calling our call center number at 16442
For the second and third AKASH connection customers are required to pay separately for the extra charge of cable, LNB and connectors

    * To enjoy this price two connections must be active simultaneously

    ** To enjoy this price three connections must be active simultaneously