MOSBLOCK: Zebra patterned mosquito repellent Curtains

Beneath the high rises and skyscrapers, urban slums, the home of 5.3 million unfolds the other side of Dhaka. Life is difficult here with increased rates of malnourishment, poverty, and mosquito-infested diseases like dengue.

The Dengue outbreak has always been a primary concern for Bangladesh. The numbers went higher during the pandemic. While the world was struggling with a pandemic, Bangladesh was hit by an epidemic within a pandemic. The biggest concern is its effect on children because of their thin skin.

The situation got far worse for slum dwellers. Most repellents are either full of health danger or beyond their purchase power. Their only defense is a mosquito net. It is impractical to stay inside one throughout the day.

As the only DTH service provider, we, AKASH Digital TV, believe that we must do something about it. With this thought, we came up with a unique mosquito repellent curtain named Mosblock.

The findings of collaborative research done by the staff of the Aichi Agricultural Research Center and colleagues at Kyoto University were that in the animal planet, Zebra get less attacked by mosquitoes because of their black and white pattern. The reason being the pattern creates an illusion in the compound eyes of mosquitos, which derail their landing.

Cultures have practiced the principle for centuries across Africa where there was no other options. 

The initiative started as a pilot project in the korail slum, Dhaka’s largest slum. The program began with an awareness and activation campaign across slums, distributing Mosblock curtains amongst households, completely free of cost. 

Through the initiative, we brought back their relived smiles, and along with that, we took a step towards drawing a curtain over the world’s dengue Suffering.

Besides, we kept the design source open so that anyone from anywhere can use it to combat the fight against mosquito.

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Let’s transform our lives together with better environment.