Long Term Recharge Offer


AKASH customers can enjoy their AKASH subscription in a discounted price by recharging for a longer period of time.

AKASH Standard:

  • Enjoy AKASH Standard @BDT 320/month by recharging BDT 4,800 for 15 months’ validity (3 months free with 12 months)
  • Enjoy AKASH Standard @BDT 343/month by recharging BDT 2,400 for 7 months’ validity (1 month free with 6 months)
  • Enjoy AKASH Standard for 3 months by recharging BDT 1100 (Instead of BDT 1200)

AKASH Lite Plus:

  • Enjoy AKASH Lite Plus @BDT 280/month by recharging BDT 4,200 for 15 months’ validity (3 months free with 12 months)
  • Enjoy AKASH Lite Plus @BDT 300/month by recharging BDT 2,100 for 7 months’ validity (1 month free with 6 months)


How to Avail LDP Offer?

You can avail LDP offer through 3 methods:

  • From MyAKASH App
  • From AKASH Selfcare
  • By calling 16442

Process to Avail Offer through MyAKASH App:

  1. Sign in to your MyAKASH account. You can download MyAKASH here:
  2. From Home Page, select “Billing Plan”
  3. Choose your preferred billing cycle, 3 months/6 months/12 months.
  4. Slide to confirm, and input your MyAKASH PIN.
  5. Recharge the required amount.
  6. You will now be able to enjoy your offer from next billing cycle.

Process to Avail the Offer through Self-Care:

  1. Sign in to your AKASH Self-care by providing your Sub ID and Password (Link:
  2. Go to “Subscription Details”
  3. Select your desired Connection. (“View Details”)
  4. Select “Change Billing Cycle”
  5. Select “12 months (3-month free)” or “6 months (1-month free)”, or 3 months (special offer for AKASH Standard)
  6. Select “Apply”
  7. An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  8. Input the OTP.
  9. Then recharge the required amount.
  10. Enjoy the discounted price from next billing cycle

Or you can just avail the offer by calling 16442.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Customer must change his/her billing cycle from AKASH web self-care or by calling 16442 after recharging for this offer.
  2. If a customer is currently active, he can schedule the offer for next billing cycle by following the same process.
  3. A customer availing this offer cannot take any addon pack for 1-month. According to this offer, he/she will have to take any addon pack for 3/7/15 months.
  4. A customer taking this offer cannot down migrate his package (Ex: Standard to Lite Plus) before his billing cycle is completed (3/7/15 months)
  5. If a customer wants to go back to monthly subscription again, he will have to follow the same procedure. Otherwise, he will continue to this 7-month or 14-month offer and will be required to recharge for 6 or 12 months to activated his/her package.
  6. If a customer chooses 3 months’ bill cycle, they will not get any discount with AKASH Lite Plus/AKASH Lite.
  7. AKASH reserves all rights to change, extend and cancel the offer at any time.