Infotainment Pack BOGO Offer

Who doesn’t love to watch Lionel Messi magic in a football match!

AKASH brings the opportunity to watch Lionel Messi’s games for PSG on its channel VH1 (Channel no. 361). This channel is available in AKASH Standard and Infotainment pack.

So, for the delight of Messi fans of AKASH Lite and AKASH Lite Plus customers, we bring a special offer for the Infotainment pack. For any new addition of Infotainment pack, customer will get 100% Cashback on 1-month price of the pack.

Price of Infotainment Pack for one month: BDT 45

Campaign Duration: 11 Sep – 30 Sep 2021 (20 days)

Terms and Conditions:

  • All AKASH Lite and AKASH Lite Plus Customers will be eligible for this offer if they have not already taken Infotainment Pack.
  • Customers can add any addon very easily through AKASH Web selfcare or by calling 16442.
  • Addons should be newly onboarded and activated during the campaign period to avail this offer.
  • Both the subscription and Addon pack have to be ACTIVE on Oct 1 to get the cashback.
  • Recharging any INACTIVE addons will not be included in this offer.
  • If anyone has other addons except Infotainment Pack, he can avail this offer.
  • Cashbacks will be given to customer’s AKASH Account within 5 October 2021.
  • Customer might NOT get any cashback if he removes the addon pack before the campaign ends or if his Addon or subscription is INACTIVE on 1 October 2021.
  • If a customer is in 6 months (1-month free) or 12 months (2-month free) billing cycle and take the offer, he/she will get the cashback equal to one-month recharge of the addon. In that case, it won’t be 100% cashback.
  • AKASH reserves all rights to change, extend and cancel the offer at any time.



Q1. Am I eligible for this campaign?

Ans: If you are an AKASH Lite or AKASH Lite Plus customer and you already haven’t taken Infotainment Pack, you are Eligible.

Q2. What is the offer?

Ans: By Activating and recharging Infotainment Pack newly during the campaign, you will get a 100% cashback on its 1-month price.

Q3. How can I activate any new addon?

Ans: By calling 16442, through AKASH Self-care and Promotional Activation SMS.

Q4. How will I get the cashback?

Ans: Cashback will be given in your AKASH Account within 5 October 2021.

Q5. I already have Infotainment pack, but I didn’t recharge it. Will I get the cashback if I recharge now?

Ans: No.

Q6. I am currently availing 1-month free offer for 6 months recharge, how can I get this offer?

Ans: You need to recharge for 7 months for an Addon to activate it. Then you will get the cashback equal to 100% of 1-month recharge of your addon.

Q7. What will be the cashback amounts?

Ans: BDT 45


Q8. Can I avail other campaigns and offers if I take this offer?

Ans: Yes, you can avail this offer on top of any other offers or campaigns.