AKASH Building Solution

AKASH is the first direct to home (DTH) service in Bangladesh. We are trying to redefine the TV viewing experience through technological innovation and unparalleled customer support systems.

Why is AKASH Building Solution a smart solution?

­­­­­­­­­­­It provides connection to the whole building through a minimal number of dish as required keeping the beauty of your rooftop & outlook of your building intact.  

How does AKASH Building Solution work?

-Concealed wiring

-Single dish

- Sharing happiness with everyone

- No external wiring required

-Quality viewing experience

-This is a smart decision for customers subject to price
*Number of equipment & dish might vary depending on buildings structure, cable quality and requirements.

Aesthetically pleasing (Multiple connections to a building through a dish)

AKASH Building Solutions will provide multiple STBs through a dish antenna that will ensure better connectivity as well as tasteful entertainment.

After Sales Service Dedicated Key Account Manager

The professional installer will visit your home and install the service, and our account manager will be responsible for resolving any issues and ensuring seamless after sales service.

Convenient payment options

Convenient payment option for monthly subscription recharge.

How do I avail AKASH Building Solution?

You can message us on Facebook for this or call us at 16442, 09609999000.

How many connection do I need to have to be eligible for AKASH Building Solution?

To be eligible for the AKASH Building Solution you need to have at least 8 connections. We even suggest customers to take fewer number of dish to keep your rooftop cleaner even if you are taking multiple individual connections.

How many STBs can one dish support?

There are multiple factors like building structure, wiring, cable quality, requirements affects the number of STBs a Dish can support. So contact our call center and a Key Account Manager will get back to you. S/He will be able to give you an estimate of this after visiting the site.