Get Rewarded with Akash: Refer a Friend, Earn BDT 100 Cashback Each!

Introducing the Akash Referral Rewards Program! As a token of appreciation for our loyal subscribers, we're excited to share a unique referral code with you. Simply pass on this code to your friends and family, and when they use it to purchase an Akash connection, both you and your referee will receive a fantastic BDT 100 cashback reward in your Akash accounts.

It's our way of saying 'thank you' for spreading the joy of Akash and enhancing your entertainment experience. Share the code, share the rewards, and enjoy the benefits of being part of the Akash family!

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Get Your Unique Referral Code

Akash will send your unique referral code to you through SMS or from our friendly call center team. Look out for it—it's your key to unlocking amazing rewards!

Step 2: Share the Code with Friends and Family

Spread the love of Akash by sharing your unique referral code with friends and family. Let them experience the magic of Akash entertainment for themselves!

Step 3: Earn Cashback Rewards

When your friends and family use your referral code to purchase an Akash connection (from online and retail points), both you (the referrer) and your referee (the person using the code) will receive a fantastic BDT 100 cashback reward in your Akash accounts!

Campaign Timeline: Till 31st May, 2024

Terms & Conditions:

  • Both the Referrer and the Referee will get BDT 100 cashback (each) in their AKASH account if referee buys a new connection from the Akash website or Retail points.
  • Referred Sales must be confirmed, activated and recharge is made (e. g. One-month full subscription fees) in newly created Referee’s account.
  • One referral code can be used one time during the campaign period.
  • For any referral lead: installation, activation and recharge have to be done within 7th day of next month.
  • Referral bonus will be disbursed within 15 working days after the campaign period.
  • AKASH reserves all rights to change, extend, and cancel the offer at any time.